The caves in the South of the France

The Aven Armand cave|The Clamouse cave|The gouffre de Padirac|The room of la Verna|Chasm Cabrespine|The aven D'orgnac|

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With its 107 well-appointed caves that host every year 6 million visitors, the french underground tourism is the first in Europe, and the third largest in the world after the United States and China.

A selection of 16 most beautiful natural caves of the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrénées and Rhône-Alpes. Each of the caves has its charm and its particularity.

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The stages
The caves of the Cerdon
In surroundings of unspoilt nature, the caves of Cerdon invites you to discover the underground world from the bottom of the ages. It iterates through the bed of an ancient underground river, the natural working of the turbulent waters of the major glacial periods with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.
The caves of La Balme
The caves of La Balme is a magical and mysterious place. See small basins (gours), draperies, stalactites and stalagmites, mazes and a subterranean Lake.
The cave of scales
The scales is located at the western end of the Chartreuse massif in a canyon carved by a torrent. The cave would have served once cache to the smuggler Louis Mandrin to escape the soldiers of King Louis XV.
The Choranche caves
The Choranche caves are in the parc naturel régional du Vercors. The cave of Coufin presents a high showroom of 16 meters and 70 meters wide, where thousands of fistula stalactites drip and are reflected in the waters of a lake.
The Aven D'orgnac
The Aven D'orgnac is one of the largest cavities of the world. One remains speechless when you enter the cave. Magnificent rooms, splendid concretions, a forest of "stacks of plates" and "Palms" of 17 meters high and majestic draperies.
La Cocalière cave
La Cocalière cave is one of the most beautiful caves that can be visited France. She is nicknamed "the diamond cave", because it has wonderful concretions of calcite, stalagmites and stalactites, Crystal pools and fine draperies.
The Aven Armand cave
Down by funicular to 100 meters deep to admire the Aven Armand cave. There's a forest of 400 stalagmites, including the largest known in the world shines like a jewel of the height of 30 metres. A magical room that could house the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris.
Dargilan cave
Pink Dargilan cave is renowned for the variety of concretions it contains. Over one kilometre of underground maze, we discover a multitude of stalactites and stalagmites, columns and draperies to beautiful colors...
The Demoiselles cave
The Demoiselles cave is a real underground Cathedral. The famous stalagmite of the Virgin and child is unique in the world.
The Clamouse cave
The Clamouse cave is distinguished by the originality of its crystallizations and the whiteness of its concretions. Of the fine crystallizations of dazzling whiteness, are rather rare in the caves.
Chasm Cabrespine
The giant Cave of Cabrespine is one of the largest caves in the world open to tourism. It has two fundamental characteristics: the vastness of the publicly accessible room and variety of its crystallization.
The le Mas-D'azil cave
Le Mas-D'azil cave is a cave throughput of large size in the Pyrénées ariégeoises. It is the unique cave in Europe that can be crossed by car. It was occupied at various prehistoric and historic times.
The caves of Bétharam
Bétharram caves are among the most beautiful in Europe and the most curious to visit, because, by their variety, they help understand the formation of almost all the kind of caves, dead caves or in full activity. The discovery of the caves is done on foot, by boat, and then by train.
The room of la Verna
In the heart of the gouffre de la Pierre Saint Martin in Pyrenees, La Verna is the largest cave ever discovered in France and one of the 10 largest underground chambers in the world. A veritable Cathedral of 194 meters high to 250 meters wide.
The gouffre de Padirac
The gouffre de Padirac, one of the most famous in Europe, is considered to be one of the greatest geological curiosities of France. After a dizzying descent at 103 meters, you will embarke on an underground river for a magical boat ride.
Lacave caves
On a mile long round trip you will discover many lakes and concretions as well as rooms. The two most impressive rooms are a 60 metres in height. The caves are lit by ultraviolet light to highlight the fluorescence of some concretions.