Holiday in Brittany

The pointe du Raz|The Crozon peninsula|The Zoological Park of the Château de Branféré|The Huelgoat forest|The Aquashow in Audierne|The grand Aquarium de Saint-Malo|

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Land of nature and legends, Brittany is known for its wild nature, its beaches of fine sand and its rocky shores.

Hotel Ajoncs d'Or, Saint Malo, France (en)
Hotel Ajoncs d'Or is located in the heart of the historic fortified city walls of Saint Malo....
Hôtel Ar Iniz, Saint Malo, France (en)
Providing a direct access to the Sillon Beach, Hôtel Ar Iniz offers a regional restaurant, a bar and a terrace with a view of the sea....
Guest house L 'Annexe, Lohéac, France (en)
Located in Lohéac, L’Annexe is set in a typical Breton house next to the Lohéac Autolobile Museum. Rennes is just a 35-minute drive away....
The stages
Ancient city of the Corsair Surcouf, Saint-Malo is a famous seaside resort. The city of Saint-Malo is remarkably rebuilt identically after its destruction to 80% during the second world war. It is a very active port, one can admire the ramparts and the Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo.
The manoir de l'Automobile
The Manoir de l'Automobile is a museum dedicated to the history of the automobile and the trades of yesteryear, it is located in Lohéac in Ille-et-Vilaine. It is one of the most beautiful french museums dedicated to the history of the automobile. It also has a motor racing circuit 2.5 km in length.
The Zoological Park of the Château de Branféré
On 40 acres of botanical parkland trees several times, was discovered animal species from around the world in conditions close to the natural environment. Unlike a traditional zoo, animals evolve in semi-liberty in large spaces.
The Aquashow
The Aquashow in Audierne presents 160 species in 50 aquariums, touch pool, giant aquariums and exhibits.
The pointe du Raz
The famous pointe du Raz with its form of bow jutting into the sea of Iroise in fact one of the most emblematic places of the coast of Brittany. From the top of the 72 metre cliff the view of the surroundings is superb, especially on the island of Sein lying just in front.
The Crozon peninsula
Nowhere else, if not to the pointe du Raz, the coast and the sea reach such beauty. Located between the Bay of Douarnenez and the roadstead of Brest, the Crozon peninsula is famous for its jagged coastline, the colour of the rocks and its cliffs.
The Huelgoat forest
Located in the Armorica Regional nature park, Huelgoat is a site of outstanding natural beauty, the town is situated on the edge of a 15-hectare pond that flows into the river of money. It is one of the most beautiful sites of the Inland Brittany.
The Monts d ' Arrée
Within the Parc Naturel Regional of Armorica, the Monts d ' Arrée are an impressive, almost unreal landscape where Heather, gorse and rocky crests mingle with loss of sight. There is the largest set of Atlantic moors of France covering more than 10'000 hectares.
The Park of the Radome
The Radome in Pleumeur-Bodou Park offers three independent attractions the city of telecommunications and its radome, the planetarium of Brittany and the Gaulish village.