Dream castles in southern Burgundy

The Château de Cormatin|Photo Traces et Découvertes The castle of Berzé-le-Châtel|Photo Traces et DécouvertesThe castle of Nobles|Photo Traces et DécouverteThe chapel of the monks (Bank-la-Ville|Photo Traces et DécouverteDream castles in southern Burgundy|Photo Traces et DécouvertesThe town of tournus|Photo Traces et Découverte

Themes : heritage, culture,

In the heart of landscapes and beautiful gardens, the discovery of sixteen medieval fortresses and castles of the Renaissance, Baroque and classicism. The meeting of an anthology of french art and an evocation of the historical past of Burgundy, a land of trade and culture.

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Rêve de châteaux en Bourgogne du Sud
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The stages
Château de Sully
The Château de Sully is one of the most romantic castles of Burgundy with an exceptional Renaissance courtyard, beautiful classical facades and a majestic staircase over the water.
Château de Couches
Built on a pink granite base, the Château de Couches, a sign of power and wealth, was constantly transformed during its history.
Château de Cormatin
Cormatin Castle, built at the beginning of the 17th century, has remarkable interiors. The poet Lamartine stayed there frequently.
Abbaye de Cluny
Cluny Abbey extended its influence throughout Europe in the middle ages. Its Abbey Church was the largest of all Christendom before the construction of St. Peter's in Rome.
Château de Berzé-le-Châtel
The castle of Berzé is the largest and one of the best preserved fortresses of Burgundy.
Berzé-la-Ville is a small village with a wine tradition. It has a beautiful heritage especially the chapel of the monks with remarkable frescoes dating from the 12th century.
Roche de Solutré
The Roche de Solutré is an emblematic site of the Burgundy region, it is classified "Grand Site de France".