Champagne, Marne and its heritage

The Cathedral of Reims|Eperney, the capital of champagne |Châlons-en-Champagne, city of Art and history|The Notre-Dame de L'epine Basilica|The Lake Der-Chantecoq|The Argonne massif |

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The Marne region is world famous for its champagne and the town of Epernay. It has also wonderful architectural heritage with the cities of Reims and its Cathedral, the city of Art and of history Châlons-en-Champagne and Notre-Dame Basilica of the spine which is a masterpiece of the Gothic.

Water sports and nature lovers will discover the Lake Der-Chantecoq. the largest artificial lake in Europe and the massif of the Argonne with its beautiful forests.

The stages
Most of the Kings of France were chosen to be crowned at Reims, the city of the baptism of Clovis. Its architectural heritage spans two millennia with the jewel Notre-Dame Cathedral, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.
Capital of champagne in the heart of 30'000 hectares of vineyards, the town of Épernay is world famous for its big champagne houses that follow one another along the famous avenue de Champagne. Carved in the chalk, the prestigious wine cellars of Épernay to visit.
City of Art and history, Châlons-en-Champagne has the discreet charm of a provincial town. From medieval times, the city has retained an important architectural heritage, in particular the Saint-Etienne Cathedral. In the 17th and 17th centuries were built beautiful buildings of wood or stone-sided.
The Notre-Dame de L'epine Basilica
The Notre-Dame de L'epine Basilica is a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic. It is classified world heritage by Unesco in respect of the paths of Santiago de Compostela in France. It is a place of pilgrimage since the middle ages.
The Argonne massif extends over the Marne departments, the Ardennes and the Meuse. It has beautiful forests, ponds and hilly landscapes. Its heritage of the 16th and 17th century (castles and abbeys) and villages preserved merit a visit.
The Lake Der-Chantecoq
The Lake Der-Chantecoq picks up the waters of the Marne. With an area of 48 km2, it is the largest artificial lake in Europe, excluding inland dam Lakes. It has the largest harbour in France and six beaches fresh water.