Metz and the country of the Three-Borders

Metz, city of Art and history|Rodemack is a charming medieval city|The imposing Château de Malbrouck|The Citadel of Bitche is designed by Vauban|Saint-Quirin, labeled "most beautiful Village of France.|Amnéville-les-Thermes has developed a thermal and tourist site |

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The Moselle is a land of contrast between the France, the Luxembourg and Germany with landscapes from Plains, ponds and forests. The 'country of the three - border' has an important military heritage. The Metz capital is a city of Art and history with its Cathedral, one of the most important Gothic cathedrals in France.

The stages
Labeled "City of Art and history", Metz showcases the 3,000 years of its architectural heritage with a nocturnal lighting program. Two jewels of Metz to discover: the Cathedral is one of the most important Gothic cathedrals in France, and the Centre Pompidou-Metz.
Built on a former slag heap - vestige of steel - Amnéville-les-Thermes has developed a tourist and thermal site unique in its kind which is dedicated to the well-being and relaxation.
Rodemack is a charming medieval city. It is the nickname of "Carcassonne Lorraine" because it is surrounded by an enclosure of 700 metres. The city has preserved an old fragrance with its typical alleys and its architectural heritage. Rodemack is labeled "The most beautiful Villages of France".
The Château de Malbrouck
The imposing Château de Malbrouck is a particularly important testimony since it is the only Castle of the 15th century fully preserved in Lorraine. Instead of surprise, discovery and imagination, he has everything to fascinate.
The Citadel of Bitche
Masterpiece of military art, the Citadel of Bitche is designed by Vauban in the 17th century. This is a true underground city including kitchens, dormitories and a medical clinic.
The Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane
The Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane is a boat lift of transverse type unique in its kind in Europe. The inclined plane replaces 17 locks in the canal of the Marne to the Rhine and it allows the crossing of Vosges.
Labeled "Most beautiful Village of France," Saint-Quirin, possesses a beautiful cultural heritage in lush greenery. The village, which was for a long time an important centre of pilgrimage is developed around a Baroque dating from 1722 Priory.