A discovery of Morbihan

Auray, class 'City of Art and history' |The megaliths of Carnac alignments|The Citadel of Port Louis|Rochefort-en-Terre labeled "most beautiful Village of France. |Zoological Park, Pont-Scorff|The village of Poul Fetan|

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Located in southern Brittany, Morbihan in breton means "small sea". It has a heritage rich both in terms of its coastal and maritime landscapes. The archaeological sites of the megaliths of Carnac and Locmariaquer are universally recognized.

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Hotel Best Western Le Roof with sea views is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Morbihan....
Hotel De La Citadelle, Port-Louis, France (en)
Located in the medieval sea-side resort of Port-Louis, Hotel La Citadelle is just 250 metres from the beach....
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The Hotel Des Trois Fontaines is located in Locmariaquer on the Morbihan Gulf....
The stages
The village of Kernascléden owes its fame to its nickname Chapel 'Chapel in the thousand pinnacles. A church in the flamboyant Gothic style most notable for its sagas. It is one of the most famous depictions of macabre dance scene.
Milestone on the road to des Ducs de Bretagne, Josselin was founded in the 11th century by the Viscount of the Porhoët. Stroll through its streets and discover the castle of Dukes of Rohan, the venerable Basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Bramble Bush and its many timber-framed houses plunge us into the story.
The Château de Kerguéhennec
The Domaine de Kerguéhennec is witness to several centuries of history, offering a meeting between heritage and contemporary creation. A centre for Contemporary Art is installed in the dependences of the Castle.
The village of Poul Fetan
The village of Poul Fetan has been long forgotten. Restored, it has found a second life with the appearance of 1850. Poul Fetan means "the lavoir de la fontaine" in breton. It is a journey in the 19th century between nature and traditions. Animators and artisans relive the actions of our ancestors.
Zoological Park, Pont-Scorff
The zoo of Pont-Scorff features 600 animals of 120 different species. Fun shows and animations are available with parrots, sea lions and seabirds. We also view elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, zebras, Tigers, lions, Panthers, pumas, and monkeys.
Citadel of Port-Louis
The Citadel of Port-Louis command the entrance to the harbour of Lorient, it was built in the 16th century by the Spanish. It has a rectangular plan, two bridges and a halfpipe to protect access. The Citadel is home to the East India Company Museum and the national Museum of the Navy.
The lines of megaliths made Carnac prehistoric symbol, equal to Stonehenge in Britain. Museum of prehistory is world famous for its collection of objects from the Megalithic period. Carnac is also known for its trendy resort of southern Brittany.
The site of the megaliths of Locmariaquer
The site of the megaliths of Locmariaquer is a monumental combining exceptionally, in the same place, the three families of megalithic monuments: the great broken menhir, the Er Grah tumulus and the cairn of the Table by the dealer.
The ancient town of Auray seduces visitors with the beauty of its landscapes. Filed "City of Art and history" for the wealth of its heritage, in particular for the attractiveness of its port seen from the promenade of the Loch and its old district Saint-Goustan.
Former residence of the Dukes of Brittany, Vannes is a "town of Art and history. The medieval old town has preserved its architectural wealth: beautiful XIlle century ramparts, of old picturesque neighbourhoods with half-timbered houses colored.
The Château de Suscinio
Suscinio Castle stands on the exceptional site of la Presqu' Isle of Rhuys. Built in XIllth century and altered in the XIVth and XVth centuries, it was the preferred residence of the Dukes of Brittany. Residence of pleasures, the Dukes of Brittany loved come hunt in the great forest which surrounded it.
The Zoological Park of the Château de Branféré
On 40 acres of botanical parkland trees several times, was discovered animal species from around the world in conditions close to the natural environment. Unlike a traditional zoo, animals evolve in semi-liberty in large spaces.
The town Rochefort-en-Terre occupies a magnificent site. Awarded "Most beautiful Village of France" for its half-timbered houses of wood, its buildings of Gothic, Renaissance and its castle mansions. The stone is ubiquitous, it is the link between these different testimonies of history.