Art & Terroir in the Cevennes

Paaysage of the Cevennes|Photo Vis iT DifferenT Eric Lindgren glass blower|Photo Vis iT DifferenT A breeding of donkeys|Photo Vis iT DifferenT Soraya Thangam workshop|Photo Vis iT DifferenT The Apiary-trunk of Arrigas|Photo Vis iT DifferenT A genuine product of the land, the pélardon|Photo Vis iT DifferenT

Themes : culture, terroir,

in the Cevennes 2 days for 2 persons

Screw iT DifferenT accompanies you in a mythical territory, the Cévennes. Come feel the energy that transmit these mountains and enjoy magnificent panoramic views, you breath.

Benefits :

  • Walk in the Cevennes
  • Exclusive tour of an Apiary-trunk
  • Meeting with a breeder of goats
  • Visit to a workshop of glass-blower
  • Meeting with an artist painter international
  • Visit privatized a donkeys breeding

Details of the itinerary

Day 1

To start the day
A key walk in the heart of the Cévennes Valley.

Unique meeting with a beekeeper. The unusual visit to a trunk of the Cevennes Apiary. Discovery of the traditional hives, a natural refuge for the black bee. Tasting of the products of the hive.

The midi
Lunch in restaurant homely. Menu du terroir declined around local products.

In the afternoon
Stroll to the heart of the Cevennes, a mythical territory. A discovery of the valleys and the mountains. Grandiose panoramic views, you breath.

To end the day
Visit to a goat farm. A genuine product of the land, the pélardon: a small milk cheese raw goat. An exclusive encounter with a breeder. Visit the sheepfold and presence during the Treaty of goats. Tasting of cheese products.

Day 2

To start the day
Meeting with a craftsman of art. An exclusive discovery of a glassblower workshop. Visit privatized its workshop. Demonstration of the fascinating art of the Grail which involves blowing and shaping the glass.

The midi. Free lunch

Early afternoon
Meeting with an international artist. Unique tour of his creative universe. A magical bathed by light. 2nd floor of the House of the counts of a medieval village.

In the afternoon
Visit to a farm of donkeys. Organic milk to multiple properties. Exclusive meeting with a breeder. Revelation on the benefits of donkey's milk and its application in cosmetics.

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Art & Terroir en Cévennes
Vis iT DifferenT vous accompagne dans un territoire mythique, les Cévennes. ...
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