A holiday in the country of Goëlo Trégor

The island of Brehat|Paimpol is famous port for the cod fisherman since the middle ages|Saint-Brieuc is the capital city of the Côtes d'Armor|The medieval town of Moncontour, labeled «Plus Beaux Villages de France»|Tréguier is labeled 'Small city of character'|The Château de la Roche-Jagu|

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Côtes d'Armor have many opportunities of tourist discoveries and the exceptional views over the sea. This part of Brittany which leads to Saint-Bieuc, the capital of Paimpol and the islands of Bréhat to Pleumeur-Bodou.

Les Gîtes du Bois de la Salle
Chambre d'hôtes
France / Bretagne / Pléguien
Trois gîtes pour 2 à 6/7 personnes dans les dépendances du château du Bois de la Salles. Locations saisonnières ouvertes toute l’année. Locations à la semaine en juillet et août...
The stages
Labeled «Plus Beaux Villages de France», the medieval town of Moncontour is still surrounded by the imposing ramparts of the 13th and 14th centuries. Its flourishing period from canvas of flax and hemp production remain bourgeois mansions, the Town Hall and the Church of Saint-Mathurin.
Saint-Brieuc is the capital city of the Côtes d'Armor. The historic centre is built around the Church-fortress of the 12th century. Saint-Brieuc surprised by the varied nature of its architecture, houses with half-timbered and constructions from the beginning of the century and contemporary achievements.
The chapel of Kermaria-An-isquit Chapel
The chapel of Kermaria-An-isquit Chapel is an architectural Marvel. It contains statues and pietas of the 12th century and a macabre dance inspired by composer Camille Saint-Saëns.
The Château de la Roche-Jagu
The castle of La Roche-Jagu is a remarkable building of the 15th century with beautiful gardens and a superb view on a curve of the Trieux at the top of the promontory.
Paimpol is famous for the cod fisherman since the middle ages. The old town has many restaurants specializing in fish and creperies. A Museum of the sea exposes the local maritime wealth.
The island of Brehat
Separated from the Earth by a stretch of sea, Bréhat is only ten minutes by boat from the tip of Arcouest. And yet the scenery is immediate on this island named "flower island" for the variety of its flora and the beauty of its landscapes.
Historical capital of Trégor and labeled 'Petite Cité de character', Tréguier has a very beautiful architectural heritage, witness to an important religious and cultural past. In particular the Gothic Cathedral Saint - Tugdual of 15th century streets, half-timbered houses and mansions.
The Park of the Radome
The Radome in Pleumeur-Bodou Park offers three independent attractions the city of telecommunications and its radome, the planetarium of Brittany and the Gaulish village.