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More labeled "beautiful Village of France.

Domme is perched on a steep cliff that allows him to enjoy an exceptional view over the Dordogne Valley. Labeled «Plus Beaux Villages de France», the Golden stone bastide is nicknamed "the Acropolis of Périgord.

Brief summary of history

Domme was founded in 1283 by Philippe the bold to monitor the Valley of the Dordogne, she gets the privilege to Mint its own coins. In 1307, the city becomes a place where seventy of them were imprisoned during the arrest of the Templars. They left as testimony of their graffiti Templar 100 passage found at the door of the towers.

During the hundred years war, the bastide of Domme became a place coveted by the English. Their first taking dates from 1347. On several occasions, it changed hands between the two rival camps until 1437, his return date in the french area.

During the wars of Religion, Domme is taken in 1588 by Geoffroy de Vivans, protestant captain, but he had Catholics give the bastide in which it was cut off in 1592. Barely income calm, the bastide was still faced a jacquerie of the crisp in 1594, and then subsequently in 1637. Domme will experience prosperity in the 17th century, and then it withdraws which facilitated its storage up to our days.

«The Acropolis of Périgord»

The Walker will be thrilled by the exceptional panorama on the Valley of the Dordogne, it can walk along the cliff of 150 metres high, on the length of the village of Domme to the public garden.

  • The walls retain fortified gateways (the Combe door porte Del Bos). The door of the towers, keeps priceless prints left by the Knights Templar who stayed there imprisoned until their death. They were engraved on the walls of the mysterious graffiti with the Tourist Office offers a fascinating decryption.
  • Also to see place de la Halle, rue des Consuls and the houses of the Governor and the drummer for the currency.
  • Domme cave beneath the Hall, which served as a refuge for inhabitants of Domme during the hundred years war and the wars of Religion.
  • The Museum of Art and popular Traditions (Oustal de Périgord) is a museum presenting scenes reconstructed life in Périgord in centuries past.
  • Monolith Caudon Chapel is located on one of the first Christianized sites of Périgord. It presents sarcophagi carved into the rock. In the middle ages, it is built inside a natural cave and serves as a parish church.

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Domme tourist office Place de la Halle, 24250 Domme Tel. + 33 (0) 5 53 31 71 00

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