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Limeuil, labeled "most beautiful Village of France.

The old medieval walls of Limeuil has kept its three access doors, steep alleyways, houses of stone, typical of the Périgord Noir, its latrines and its shops. Its port has experienced intense commercial activity with its inland water transport Center. Limeuil is labeled "Most beautiful Village of France".

Brief summary of history

The age of the village is attested by many traces of the Magdalenian occupation that have been found in Limeuil. The Dordogne and Vézère rivers were responsible for the reconstruction of the fortress to face the formidable Vikings who up their courses, between the 8th and 11th centuries.

Limeuil controlled the region due to its strategic position, but it earned him ending up in the center of the Anglo-French rivalries of the hundred years war. Sometimes in one camp, sometimes in the other, Limeuil had much to suffer from this war.

Limeuil was an important centre of the skippers of the 18th and 19th centuries. The village was a flourishing city in the 18th and late 19th century. Limeuil were near 80 artisans. (carpenters, Coopers, wheelwrights). The Dordogne was a vital artery that descended charged gabarres of antler (chestnut wood) from the Auvergne to the regions of Bergerac and Bordeaux, where this wood was used for building tanks and barrels. But railway came to compete with the water and the decline led to Limeuil loss of its workers and its artisans.

The chapelle Saint-Martin

The Saint-Martin Chapel is one of the most beautiful Romanesque chapels of the Perigord, built between the 12th and the 14th century. The rarity of its frescoes and its dedication stone distinguishes it from others. The Church summarizes the perigordian Romanesque style: very stripped and both solid and slender.

Limeuil panoramic gardens

Contemporary gardens offer a beautiful view over the Dordogne-Vézère confluence. They are located at the site of the former Castle of the village, who stood on a rocky outcrop. They have a garden in relation to the themes of the cultural landscape of Périgord were installed: the garden of the witches, the garden of colors, the water garden.

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