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Cabourg, a seaside resort

Located on the estuary of the Dives, Cabourg is an elegant seaside resort renowned for its 4 kilometres of beach sand and the Belle Époque atmosphere made famous by Marcel Proust.

Brief summary of history

Cabourg, then simple fishing village, was founded on the estuary of Dives, in 1853, Henri Durand-Morimbeau, a Parisian lawyer seduced by the beauty of the site.

Of many leading lights of the time, such as Théophile Gautier, flocked to Cabourg. The first casino in Cabourg (built in wood), the Casino hotel and the Grand Hotel were built at this time. The Belle Epoque sees to erect villas, welcoming the fine flower of the aristocracy, the gentry and figures such as Marcel Proust.

The charm of the Belle Epoque

Cabourg retains the charm of the Belle Epoque with its exceptional plan in Greek-Roman theatre, its prestigious architecture, gardens, and one of the longest pedestrian of Europe walks, overlooking the sea on almost 4 kilometres.

The villas of the Parisian bourgeoisie of the beginning of 20th century feed the charm of the small town that revolves around the Casino and the Grand Hotel with its ceiling as Proust described in "In search of lost time".

«The casino and the Grand Hotel is one of the most consistent bathing sets and best preserved of the Belle Epoque.

Marcel Proust was habits at the Grand Hotel between 1907 and 1914. In addition to the madeleines of breakfast, he loved see tides. It is charmed by the atmosphere from the large restaurant room and the panorama on the sleeve.

Golf Club de Cabourg Le Home

Golf de Cabourg is an original course with four par 3 on the last six holes in the links part, which requires a very precise irons game. 16, hole reference is perched at the top of a dune, it offers a direct view of the beach. With more than 5'250 meters, this 69 is long enough, with several by 4 of more than 400 metres and three by 5 of 500 metres.

Golf Club de Cabourg Le Home - 38 avenue of President René Coty, 14390 Varaville - Tel. + 33 (0) 2 31 91 25 56.

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14390 Cabourg

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Office of tourism of Cabourg gardens of the Town Hall, 14390 Cabourg Tel. + 33 (0) 2 31 06 20 00

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The Grand Hotel

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