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The 'wonder of the West"

Nicknamed the 'wonder of the West"Mont-St.-Michel is classified world heritage of the UNESCO. Place of pilgrimage since the middle ages, it attracts visitors from all over the world. It is the third of France tourist site in France with more than 3'000 ' 000 visitors each year.

Surrounded by a beautiful Bay, Mont-Saint-Michel is the enchantment with its Abbey perched at the top of the Rocky islet and its medieval city surrounded by ramparts.

Brief summary of history

The village grew in the shade of its medieval Abbey built in 709. The economy of the Mont was therefore a tributary for twelve centuries, many pilgrimages to Saint Michel, especially until the French Revolution. It came from all over Europe on a pilgrimage to the Abbey North.

In 966, at the request of the Duke of Normandy, a Benedictine community settled on the rock. In the 11th century, the Romanesque Abbey Church was founded on a set of crypts. In the 14th and 15th century, the hundred years war made necessary the protection of the Abbey by a set of military construction that enabled him to withstand a siege over thirty years.

For nearly a thousand years, this great spiritual home and intellectual was with Rome and Santiago de Compostela one of the most important pilgrimages of the medieval West. Parallel to the development of the Abbey a village is organized since the middle-ages, it has a commercial vocation. Attending the "World Heritage" by Unesco, this tourist Mecca receives today more than three million visitors per year.


At the entrance to the medieval city, the former body of guard of Bourgeois, facing guns, houses the Tourist Office. Since the path of the walls built between the 13th and 15th century there's a magnificent view over the Bay. The door of the Boulevard, and then that of the Roy is equipped with a drawbridge.

The Grande Rue is famous with its shops of souvenirs, its houses of granite from the 15th and 16th centuries and its museums. In this street lies the restaurant of la mère Poulard, the famous brand known for its omelettes.

The parish church St. Peter was built in the 11th century is dedicated to Saint Peter, patron of fishermen. It is home to the furniture from the Abbey.

After climbing the slope of the High-Street, "large degree" a wide staircase of 4 meters leads to the entrance of the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. At the time, he was barred by a pivoting door and kept by a watchman installed in a visible indentation left.

The Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel

The Gothic Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, called 'the wonder', was built in the early 13th century. It consists of two main contiguous buildings to the other.

Due to the mountain's topographical constraints, all is built on three levels, with more and more beautiful, accomplished and light rooms as the ascent.

The first level includes Chaplaincy, the wine cellar. Upstairs are the hosts, the room of the Knights Hall. Finally, the last level is composed of the refectory and the cloister, with a magnificent garden suspended delicately between the sky and the sea.


The historical Museum of Mont-Saint-Michel
The historical Museum of Mont-St.-Michel traces 1000 years of history around des moines builders of the Abbey, a discovery of prisons and cachots of Mont-St.-Michel. Also a collection of ancient weapons, instruments of torture of the middle ages, a cage of iron of Louis XI and 35 characters in wax.
The maritime Museum
A discovery of the highest tides in the world and the Grand project of restoration of the maritime character of Mont-St.-Michel. A collection of 250 old models of boats.
The residence of the Knight Bertrand du Guesclin
Tour of the historic house of the famous Constable of the armies of the King of France Charles V and his wife Tiphaine Raguenel, an astrologer who read in the stars the fate of the world. Sights to see: the period furniture, the bridal chamber, a medieval chastity belt, the armor of the Knight of du Guesclin and the Astrology of Tiphaine de Raguenel firm.
The archeoscope of Mont-Saint-Michel
In a place out of time, the archeoscope of Mont-St.-Michel presents a great multimedia show to tell the different stages of creation of the Abbey of Mont-St.-Michel.

Access to Mont-St.-Michel

Visitors can get to Mont-St.-Michel by the new Dyke and a gateway on stilts letting water below. You can also take the shuttle.

The Maringote is original conveyance. Pulled by two horses, access to Mont-St.-Michel in 45 minutes approximately.

Information: Company parks and smugglers to le Mont Saint Michel - Ph. + 33 (0) 2 14 13 20 15.

Golf de Granville

Located in the Bay of Mont-St-Michel (about 60 km) golf de Granville is a links of 27 holes created in 1912. A magnificent seafront with real links to the Scottish with spectacular departures and elevated Greens course. The wild beauty of the place and a panorama of breathtaking. Open all year.

Golf de Granville - 50290 Breville - sur - Mer - Tel. + 33 (0) 2 33 50 23 06.

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