The Aquashow
The Aquashow in Audierne presents 160 species in 50 aquariums, touch pool, giant aquariums and exhibits.
The ancient town of Auray seduces visitors with the beauty of its landscapes. Filed "City of Art and history" for the wealth of its heritage, in particular for the attractiveness of its port seen from the promenade of the Loch and its old district Saint-Goustan.
The island of Brehat
Separated from the Earth by a stretch of sea, Bréhat is only ten minutes by boat from the tip of Arcouest. And yet the scenery is immediate on this island named "flower island" for the variety of its flora and the beauty of its landscapes.
Brest is equipped with a maritime and military port. Its medieval period, the town has retained its castle of the Llth century. Rebuilt after World War II, the centre of Brest presents architecture of the 1950s. Capital of Oceanography with Océanopolis Park. <br/>
Cancale is famous for its flat oysters and shells. This fishing port and oyster centre is located in the hedge of Mont-St.-Michel. But Cancale is also a seaside resort where it makes good to stroll on the quays and jetties at the small port of swell.