Abbey Church of Romainmôtier
Religious buildings dating back to 1000 years ago, frescoes, the tombs, beautiful rooms and the Gothic columns: the Abbey Church of Romainmôtier and home of the prior reflect changes experienced by religion and the Church.
Abbey of Saint-Maurice
The Abbey of Saint - Maurice Abbey was built there are 1'500 years as a sanctuary high on the tomb of the martyr Saint Maurice. This place of pilgrimage was once the spiritual centre of the Kingdom of Burgundy, it now houses one of the greatest religious treasures of Europe.
Aigle Castle
The fortress of Eagle has a rich history that dates back to the 12th century. The castle is one of the finest surviving examples of medieval castle architecture. In full in the vineyards of the small town of Eagle, it houses the Museum of the vine and the wine.
Aventicum was the Roman Swiss capital. It is one of the most important archeological sites in Switzerland. From the amphitheatre, a circuit leads to the main archaeological remains and Roman curiosities. Avenches Roman Museum houses a collection of Gallo-Roman objects of value.
Dominated by the ancient hospice and his legendary dogs the commune of Bourg-Saint-Pierre is rich in history. The Romans to Napoleon, everyone has crossed Europe by this region. The charm of his village and its ancient buildings are there.