Wine capital of the Jura department, Arbois is known for it's beautiful architectural heritage. The town of Louis Pasteur is full of charm with its houses lining up the picturesque river Cuisance.
The natural site of Baume-les-Messieurs is spectacular and grandiose. It was formed by the reunion of three valleys, including the beautiful remoted wilderness valley of the Cirque de Baume. The village slightly below, labeled «Plus Beaux Villages de France» ("the most beautiful village of France") is well preserved. One can admire its imperial Abbey of the XIe century.
Belfort is a former stronghold on the banks of the Savoureuse built to regulate the passage between Rhône and Rhine. The city with its Vauban fortifications were three times under siege during its history. Belfort has a rich heritage with its Lion, its citadel and its old town.
Belvoir Castle
Belvoir Castle was built on the site of a Gaulish oppidum in the 12th century. The visit allows you to admire the different buildings, the chapel and the furnishing. One can also admire works by Gustave Courbet, Franz Hals and Georges Laethier.
The city of Art and History of Besançon is dominated by the imposing silhouette of its citadel. Its geography and its specific history turned it progressively into a military stronghold, a garrison city, a political center and a religious capital.